Monday, June 26, 2006

North Carolina

I don't want to offend anyone from the area, but there really isn't much to see right around Fayetteville, NC other than military museums and the like. Well, ok, there is the girly bar, tattoo shop, pawn shop, and used car sales repetitive circle that exists outside most bases, but that isn't really something I want to take pictures of to remember it.

I didn't have my camera along at the Airborne and Special Ops museum or I would have a picture or two of that. I must say that is the best museum of its type I have ever been to. It is interesting, the displays are well laid out, and the information is good for all ages to get something out of it. You can go take a look at it on their website though. If you are in the area I recommend seeing it. The best part is it is free. They also have some interactive sections that cost a little bit, we missed those somehow, but I would go back and see them if I had the chance.

On the way home we stopped at this place in the picture below to look at the roses this man had for sale. They are beautiful plants for the money, I would have gotten some, but I don't have anywhere in the yard that I want to put roses right now.

That was North Carolina. We worked, ate, and slept for the most part. Learned a lot on that trip and all, but not much to look at. Next trip is probably somewhere in Georgia.

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