Monday, June 26, 2006

Midwest Vacation Part 2

The trip out west included travel through a lot of states along lots of miles. We were in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Missouri along with West Virginia, which isn't really very much west but was our start. I spent most of my time looking out the window in search of old barns or other scenic things to take pictures of on the way.

I found this old barn in Kentucky, I think it was a tobacco shed, but I don't know. I saw several other old barns in various stages of life, the one below has seen better days.

This old house was sitting in the middle of a field in Minnesota. It looks so alone out there. Probably at one time it was surrounded by trees and other signs of life, but now it just waits for the crop to come up around it and hide it a little bit.

A sight in Minnesota that was new to me was the wind farms. Up around Woodstock they are showing up everywhere, they are even building a factory to build more of them in Pipestone.

This old barn is actually hidden from the road, it is on a farm in Missouri. The lines are still straight on the roof, so it might find another use in the future. Just needs some wall boards and doors replaced from this angle.

The strangest thing I recall seeing is this ferris wheel sitting between two buildings in Iowa. I have done some work on the picture to remove some power lines that were covering it up some, and intended to take the chevy out before I posted it, but you get the idea. What it is doing there I don't know, but it was worth taking a picture of for sure.

That was most of our trip to the Midwest. Next up is a business trip to North Carolina.

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  1. Hey Sandy, I really enjoyed the picture of that house you took. That is just a mile down the road from us/ I sent that to the people that own the house and land. I am sure they will get a kick out of what you said.