Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Return Trip NC2

OK, I really didn't mean anything bad by saying Fayetteville is kind of boring. It really isn't that bad, I could put more effort into finding the interesting stuff. Now can I go home?

The rest of the story is that we had some computer problems so the trip is taking longer than it was supposed to and I had to come back a week after I left. I did volunteer, so you know, be careful what you ask for, it might actually happen.

I am actually glad to be here working because this part of the project is what they call Over the Shoulder. We are going out to the locations and checking on them to make sure they aren't having any problems with the new system. I have learned a lot about what I need to work on, that is for sure. I will be here for a while yet, so I might be able to get out and see some sights.

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