Sunday, December 11, 2005

Farm Gourd

Sorry about the long delay in posting. I had been waiting for my new camera and then it was dark everyday when I got home. The sun finally came out so now we have pictures.

Here are the last two gourds I have painted. I used some more DD lessons to do the sunflowers and got freehanded with the farm scene. Folk art, my style. I have another one that I used stain on, but I haven't done anything else with it, so that one will have to wait.

The new camera is pretty cool. It is a Konica Minolta D1mage Z3. Here are some examples of the wild zoom. I can get right on top of stuff. The picture on the left is from the front porch looking toward the birdfeeder that you see in the next picture. A little fuzzy because I wobbled, but what a zoom. That first picture also shows a woodpile on the right hand side by the fence. The last picture is from the other end of the porch and shows a bird sitting on that wood pile. I just think it is fun.

The last couple of pictures are of my holiday decorations, before the tree gets put up in the house. The crazy tomato of summer have been recreated as a Christmas tree in the yard. Ok, crazy, but you have to see it (in person) from the driveway, it looks good, really. grin

Besides that, I have new job news. I happened to be in the right place one day and ended up with an opportunity to teach the Army how to use a program they bought. We will see how that goes, I expect good things. I am off to Texas to learn how to teach it this week. Future postings will very likely include pictures from my adventures. Billy and I are in Charleston tonight, I needed a ride to the airport in the morning and he needed an excuse to go to Olive Garden. We both won on that one. Well, I better get off of here, getting kind of long winded.

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