Sunday, December 18, 2005


Well, the traveling has begun. I made it to Texas this week and am learning a lot about this program that I will be training people how to use. I don't know how long the traveling will last or where it will take me yet, but I do know that there are a lot of locations on the list, the people I am working with are a fun bunch, and I am doing what I can to be an excellant instructor.

This is an interesting part of Texas that we are in... I am sure it must be. I haven't found the interesting parts yet, it is pretty flat and dry looking, but I will keep looking. Saturday we drove a few hours south to San Antonio and played tourist at the Alamo. Here is the front of the old fortress. Overall there isn't much to look at, but the history is a nice read and looking at the structure is pretty cool. We also went to the Imax theater and watched a show about it. Same scenes from any movie you may have seen elsewhere, but Really Big.

We also did the river walk in San Antonio. It is beautiful and busy with food and shopping opportunities, if you haven't been, you should go sometime. This is a picture I took along the way. The cyclamens were pretty and then the river background made it a very nice picture.

I didn't get a picture of the Coyote Ugly bar that the guys wanted to check out. It lived up to the reputation. I was the DD (and will be on every trip so that I always have a rental car available), which got me free Pepsi's and the guys had a good look and were appropriately embarrassed. HA

These trips will have an unfortunate focus on food. I am alwasy interested in finding a good place to eat and so are the guys. This is a picture of Rudy's Bar B Q. It is located at exit 254 off of I35.

Absolutely delicious brisket and ribs! The cole slaw and creamed corn were good too. The place was packed with people, mostly locals it seemed coming in to get To Go bags. It was really fun too, your food is served on butcher paper in a plastic soda bottle carrier. I should have taken more pictures, it was fun and very tasty. I saw another Rudy's on down the road by San Antonio, so I hope to find the chain again someday.

I might find more things to take pictures of before I get out of here, so consider this part one. We leave next Friday, just in time for Christmas, I have a direct flight so no stops in Chicago or anything. I am so lucky that Billy is willing to take care of the house, of course I cleaned as much as I could before I left, but I only had a few days notice!
Have a nice week every one!

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  1. Hey Sandy,

    I'm glad it's going well for you! Keep the blogs coming. Flowers in December? Here we have snow and ice.