Monday, June 26, 2017

Rolling with the Kayaks

One of the places we take the kayaks is Sherwood Lake in Greenbrier county, WV.
We spend a week up there in July, which gives us plenty of chances to get out on the water. The lake is a short walk through the woods from where we are camped. I don't like the idea of loading up the kayaks, driving over there, unloading....
sounded like an opportunity to DIY a kayak cart! 

I built these last year.

I wanted carts that could be taken apart if necessary.
So, a few plumbing parts, a 6 foot double female ended hose, 
some hardware, wheels, and PVC glue later and I had what I wanted. 

They can be disassembled by pulling cotter pins out of the axle, which will let you take the wheels off. Then unscrew the garden hose from the axle and store it away.

To use them we just slide the end of the kayak under the garden hose and on top of the axle, strap it down with a bungee cord across the top and connected to the axle. Attach another bungee from the top of the garden hose pulling toward the front, inside the seat or wherever.
Pick up the nose of the kayak and tow it away. 

The pink kayak was my first. I really liked the way it handled in the water, 
but I had a hard time getting in and out of it because the opening was pretty small.
The orange one below is my new ride. It doesn't handle as well in the river, 
but I can get in and out of it. 
This was taken after our Greenbrier ride on June 25th.

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