Thursday, June 29, 2017

Kayaking Without ME! Talcott to Willow Wood 29 June 2017

Today, (29 June, 2017) FabHub and friends went kayaking without me. I stayed home and cooked, shopped with Mom, mowed the lawn, and then cooked some more. Just saying.

They did the next section of the Greenbrier running from Talcott to Willow Wood.
The water at Alderson was 2.85 this morning and 2.81 this evening.
The water at Hilldale was 1.50 this evening.
So, very low, but runnable. It took them 7 hours.
IF the water was up they would have had better rapids and finished in about 5 hours.

They said it was fun, but rocky. The youngest said it was the best ride yet, but then she floats over top of stuff that the rest of us hit.

They also said it is important to stay to the right side.

And they took no pictures.

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