Wednesday, June 12, 2013

12 Week Wonders

The chickens have grown a lot! We moved them to a permanent building for more space.
More about that in another post.
Here are the roosters wondering when I will let them out into the great woods.
I have been keeping them in the hen house yard so that it becomes home.
I am pretty sure they will come running for chicken scratch snacks so will probably let them out to play this weekend. It should be a great adventure.

Here are three of the five hens wondering when the boys are going to leave.
The roosters have started to get a bit rowdy.

Erin, this one is for you. I have been wondering why this rooster has brown spots. 
I thought he got pooped on, but the spots seem to be part of the feathers.

This rooster is wondering if he will stay with the hens or not. 
Some people think it is good to keep a rooster for safety.
I haven't decided yet. He will be the last to leave when the day comes.

Another one for Erin, I am wondering where this rooster gets his highlights done. 
I never looked up Lakenvelders, but the gold color seems to be odd.
HAHA on the last one, like I would care about coloring!

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