Monday, October 29, 2012

Driving Home to a Storm

We went to Mom's in Georgia for the weekend.
Shorts and t-shirts all three days. Very nice!
This morning because of the impending storm we left for WV at 6 am.
Driving these interstates on Monday morning is not nearly as bad as some other days!
Well, except when you find a rush hour at 745, that is a little busy for us.

This is looking east from I-485 near Charlotte, NC at about 920 am.

Nice sunny day. Bit chilly.

This is looking north on I-77 at about 1015
Still a nice day where we are, but not up there.

This at about 1145 am near the southern I-77 tunnel. 
There is snow on that ridge!

This is about the point in the trip where our travel buddy gets bored.
Are we there yet?

Through the tunnel is looking foggy.

Not looking good.

At 1206 pm we headed through the East River Mountain tunnel.
Snow is all the way down the hillside.

On the other side of that tunnel we found home even more covered.

And a sand/cinder/plow truck! 

We also saw many utility company trucks staged at hotels through Wytheville.

When we got up on our ridge at about 1230 we found some chilly cows.

We got to the house and found out the power is still on. 
The garage door opened, Yay! 

We did pick up something on the way home. 
You know, for just in case, a generator is a good thing to have.
It is good to be prepared.
Honestly, I hope to never use it.
We can always use a generator around the farm.
The goats came out to greet us too, but didn't pose for any pictures.
They yelled at me, chased me, ate their dinner, and went back inside.
We didn't spend much time out there either.

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