Friday, October 12, 2012

Monster in the Goat Yard

Tyson came home this week.
Remember this cute boy from last year?
Tyson in late September 2011.
So cute and friendly.

He grew up.
Still friendly, but oh does he STINK!
But he is happy.
He came over to tell me thanks for bringing him home.
Then he ran off again.
He was talking and fussing at the girls.
Trying to figure out which of them wants to be his friend first.

His horns have really turned out nice.
Need to keep an eye on them though.
The way they are curling around they will catch the back of my leg.

Already learned that from Sunny.
That is her in the background.
Sunny and Flower have sort of been ruling the goat yard.
Today they had a sort of confused look.

Tyson is home.
Did I mention he smells?
We had it good last year. 
Made friends with him before I can't stand to be around him.
I am done wearing clean clothes near him.
Yes, that bad.

Last fall, though he was a couple months younger, he was about the same size as the yearlings.

This year everyone is bigger, but Tyson grew the most.

That is the goat update.
There are three more girls in the yard behind the goat shed.
Two are are the new babies and one is getting over an illness.

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