Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Goats

 The girls are still living in the woods.



She is hard to photograph since she is always running toward me looking for snacks.

This is the beginning of their new house.
Sweetpea and Violet are doing some taste testing. 

FabHub made some progress on the goat house this afternoon.
I told him the poplar wood floor was too pretty to use for a goat house floor.
He agreed, but it is free.
So all is good.
It turns out the rest of the floor is still standing in the woods.
Goat house and firewood all in one package.
This is what he managed to have done by the end of the day.
Like I said it has been a very productive summer.

The goats came by to do a Quality inspection. 
I am not sure where they will spend more time.
Inside or underneath.
They just want a house with a roof - and more apples.

Well except for Violet.
She wants more snacks.
Silly goat.

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  1. I love your goats and your new goat house is going to be amazing. I bet you will find them under the house quite a bit :-)