Friday, August 05, 2011

Friday Toaday

Another accomplishment for the summer.
Remember the big pile of firewood?

That needed to end up in the new wood shed?


See the wheel barrow and the 18 or 19 sticks of wood stacked right above it?
I stacked those. 
Well, I did. Not my fault he did most of that when I wasn't even home.
While I was "helping" FabHub stack the newly split firewood
he decided the biggest piece needed some chainsaw work before it got split.

And the chain needed sharpening.
Then someone decided to help him.
Before I got the camera Mr. Toad was sitting on the heel of FabHub's shoe.

He wasn't entirely happy about the whole wood pile moving situation.
It seems there were some good snacks in that pile.
And then he hopped away.
Then my attention was pulled away from the whole Mr. Toad experience. 
Jake came over to assert himself as the most important subject of the day.
I did get something accomplished when I wasn't helping with the wood. 
The lower half of the front flower bed is cleaned out.
And then it got hot out.
The end.

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