Sunday, November 21, 2010

Visiting in PA

We went to Pennsylvania last weekend to visit our newest niece. 
Meet Annalise.
She has a pretty good place to nap worked out there on FabHub.
 He looks about ready to go out for the night too.

This is her big sister Olivia and Cally the cat.

Olivia is loving her kitty.

Cally is being pretty patient about wearing her pretty earrings.
"What are you looking at?"

This is Cyclo - and this is the only time I saw him not moving.

The dump truck in the background was FabHub's gift to Olivia. He has bought Tonka trucks for all of the kids over the years. Girls and boys alike. Olivia got lucky to get an old one we found in an antique store. It has never seen a sandbox and now is a Cadillac for dolls, bears, and a sock monkey.

FabHub and I were on our way back from PA and saw what we decided is a truck load of super condensed rolls of hay. Just add water!

The tiny rolls are much easier to haul in bulk, but you still need a big rig due to the weight.
Load distribution looks a little off on this truck though. Brother Dave would have done a much better job I am sure!
That is all of our PA trip, nope, no parent photos. We just wanted to see the girls. :)
Until next time.

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