Sunday, November 21, 2010

Making Stuff

This weekend we rearranged a bunch of stuff and went to a birthday party for FabHub's 75 year old Aunt Nancy. It was an adventure, and the tale shall not be told here.
We also made a bunch of stuff.
You might remember a while back FabHub built me an awesome ottoman? He built a couple more this weekend. They have a purpose, not to be related here either.
Jake doesn't care about the purpose. He just wants to know why they are multiplying in His space. Yes, we do have more of that material. Why do you ask? :)

I of course decided to bake something. Planned on making something of which I could send left overs to work. That didn't happen, but I wanted to make a pie - so I made two since I had a box of those rolled up pie crusts and only needed half the can of pumpkin for one pie. Two was just easier.
This is a Pecan Pumpkin Pie. First you put the pumpkin in the crust, bake it for a while, and then put the pecan topping on and finish baking. Passed the FabHub inspection. The second one should make it to the holiday.
One of the stops we made last weekend in PA was at the Country Store. Amish bulk goods a plenty. I picked up a bag of rye flour since I can't find any around here.
FabHub doesn't care for rye bread, but I found a recipe for "That" Steakhouse Bread that turned out to be pretty close to the original and worthy of a repeat invitation for Sunday dinner. It only has one cup of rye, a cup of whole wheat, and two cups of bread flour. So the rye wasn't too much for him.
I forgot to mention in the previous post that we also stopped at the dry goods store in Germantown. I picked up a few kitchen tools that intrigued me, some metal bowls to replace what I had, a couple important parts for my out dated Victorio strainer, and a whole case of regular size jar flats. That was crazy, but they will get used. All that, along with enough sweet bologna and white guernsey cheese to last a few weeks of sandwich lunches, and we had our Amish fix.
Enough for this week. Later!

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