Saturday, February 27, 2010

It Keeps Falling

Our yard has been snow covered since about December 19 2009.

WV does not normally stay snow covered. At least in my neighborhood. So what is the deal already. Ok, I know, everybody out there either has had it worse or has the same complaint.

This little frog dude wants to have his say though.Can anyone make it stop? Please? My skin is starting to wrinkle!

I decided the birds could use some of the food that I had stashed for them, but never seem to remember to put out. So yesterday I filled up the feeders and today the birds are working on emptying them.

These cardinals are enjoying the smorgasbord, which is a scandinavian word from my childhood. It means dinner is going to be Great! Here they have some safflower.

And this feeder has a mixture in it that the birds aren't cleaning up too quickly.
I figure it might have too much milo in or something they don't like as much as their preferred type of seeds
The weather might keep them from being so picky though. It is snowing again.

Here is a Downy Woodpecker trying out the Suet bar.
And here a little bird is on the finch feeder. I don't know if it is a Finich or not though.

This is a big bird we call a Roof Cleaner.
FabHub decided the roof of the side porch doesn't get enough sun to melt right, so he climbed up there to shovel the snow off. There was just a bit up there.
A few days before that he shoveled the snow off of the deck too. It really is insane around here.
You might even see the ice build up above the gutter. We keep taking down the hanging icecicles, but there isn't much we can do. The chimney runs through the attic space creating heat, which melts the roof and then the ice freezes on the eaves. If anyone has an idea of how to solve that I would listen... and then get FabHub thinking about it. :) After reading some it looks like more shoveling off of the roof would help, but then so would normal weather!
Well, that is the latest update. Take care everybody.

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