Thursday, February 11, 2010

Anybody Had Enough Yet?

On my way home from work yesterday, the roads kept getting worse and worse. Then I finally made it into the garage and stood there for a minute watching great big wet flakes fall. Again, it was snowing.
This morning I got up and looked out to see a bunch more snow. It has been accumulating for days, but when the paths we use every day are filled in again in the morning - ARGH! That gate and the wire bundle are supposed to be 4 feet tall. They look to be about 20 inches under snow. The dog house is insulated with a thick blanket of snow, but Jake isn't getting near it until the temperature comes up some - and we can open the gate again.At least my frogs are staying warm under the snow pile.
This view is out the kitchen door. We probably need to shovel some of the snow off the deck.
You can kind of see the windmill in the back yard. The concrete Dutch kids are buried under about a foot of snow. I could see the tops of their heads the other day.
Further back in that picture you can see the cows.
They look like they have had enough.
Nothing to do but wait for someone to bring hay and follow their calves around in the snow.
Personally, I had enough. I didn't want to fight with it and stayed home today. Weenie I know. Oh well.

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