Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lost Farm stuff

I need to check my own blog every so often. I thought I had posted this already and was going to work on a new one. I found these pictures all ready to go, they just need some text. So I will set it up for you.
Some of you know that I live in the woods of West Virginia. FabHub and I have owned this piece of dirt since 1993. In all that time we have not had a Real street address. I posted previously that road signs showed up one day. Well, one day a short while ago I added a number on the house. When you order something online the shipping address needs a number to go along with that road name. So we made one up.
It just so happens to match our PO Box number. We tested out the address when my uncle sent me a package. It worked just fine!

We got access to a bunch of acres for the cows to graze on so that allowed us to add a couple of head to the herd. I like Red Angus, so Billy surprised me one day and said lets go to the market and see what is available. This is my new heifer, her name is Apple. I picked her out from a small group of mixed up girls that were there that day. She is beautiful - as heifers go anyway.

There was another red cow at that market. She was about 2 months pregnant and a little wild to say the least. She came into the show ring and ran all the men out. Good cow! With that attitude not too many people were willing to bid on her, Billy jumped on the chance and bought her.
She didn't show so much white from the show ring stands. She is here now though and for very good reasons her name is Raspberry. I am not really claiming her until we see what kind of calf she has. If it is a good calf and she is a good mom, she might stay. If not, we will at least get our money back when we sell the two of them next year.

This is my other Red Angus. Her name is Cherry. She has good black babies who have helped pay for a few things around the farm.
She lost her calf this year though. We don't know why for sure. Could have been a lot of things. We got a new bull that is a Gelbvieh/Angus actually called a Balancer because of the crossbreeding. Because Cherry lost her calf she is the first one who should be having one of his calves. We are looking forward to the delivery in January I think.

Now, all this cow talk about the different kinds we have running around here might have you wondering why I talk about the differences.
Here you see Raspberry, Cherry, and one of FabHub's cows. Raspberry doesn't quite fit in with the crowd out here. We also have no idea what type of bull she was bred to. She might have a Holstein calf for all we know. I will share when the mystery is solved.

Apple on the other hand, fits in pretty well with her new crowd.
The girls are all about the same size spending their growing days away from the bull for a while yet.

Enough cows.
One day I went walking on that new piece of property to see what was out there and evaluate it for my fall runs. It is a lot flatter than most of my other trails so it might get some use if it ever stops raining.
I found something odd on that trip. An electric tree.
Looks to me like the squirrels in this part of the country really know how to live! The wires seem to string over the hill to the land owners house. Maybe he gets an itch to get away sometimes. Si he pitches a tent on the hill and plugs in the TV, there is a TV cable strung up too. I don't know, but it is kinds of a funny thing to find in the woods.
That is all for now. Next up - baking and canning adventures. My life is so - farmmy sometimes.

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