Friday, August 28, 2009

End of the Midwest Adventure

I am finally catching up on my last post of vacation, the book needed an ending or I might have let it go.
This should have been posted about the 23rd of July - so only a bit more than a month late! Hey we have been busy - ok not so much. Facebook junk takes way too much time out of my available Blog posting time. I think the farms, farkle, and the mafia are going to have to do without me for a while. Right after I harvest the crops and water the flowers, try and get the top score for the week - I still hold the "All Time" record, and try to figure out the purpose of the gangster routines.
Maybe I can get the new cow pictures blogged over the weekend and get my "My Points" account straightened out. Neglecting that account is really sad, it actually pays for itself!
So on with the end of the Great Midwest Adventure!!
Our last few days on vacation were spent in Georgia. Mom figured out how she was going to get her new car (post from 22 July) so that part was done. So our next stop was a new favorite restaurant. Very traditional type of Italian cooking - to us non-Italians anyway. It was delicious and we will go back.

This is a metal flower outside of one of the stores nearby. Seems simple to make. Just have to find the right materials.

There is more to see in Mom's neighborhood, but I have posted most of those things in previous posts. There is the pig on the roof of the BBQ place and the double cannon by the court house. We didn't go back to those, been there done that. We did go see the new Harry Potter movie - the first day time showing in the theater.

My review - The movie left me hanging at the end just like the book did plus they skipped a bunch of stuff. I hope you read it before seeing the movie or some things probably didn't make sense.

On our way out of town on our way home we stopped at Jittery Joe's to pick up a coffee to go.

We used to go here for our Internet fix while at Mom's, but now we have wireless at her house so we still get Joe's coffee, but spend less time.

Some amazing and fun things that we saw along I85 start with this secure but crazy load.Not exactly sure this is legal, but it was sure worth the picture. That is a small SUV pulling a converted double axeled flatbed of some sort. It didn't look right even if it was legal.

Then I finally caught our favorite billboard in a picture.
There are about five Donate Your Boat signs along the road. Kind of hard to catch in the wild though. They were sneaking up on me along the edge of the road.

Then finally after 21 days, 15 states, two countries, and 4,000 miles we were back home again.

Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.

What we found in our yard was just as Wild and Wonderful.

The garden wasn't in too bad of shape, though it hadn't grown much.
By the time the weekend was over everything was mowed and weeded and looking like we had never left. It was a great vacation for both of us. Lots of adventures and crazy stuff along the road. Our next trip is already in the planning stage. Somewhere north east by car or north west by train. Or maybe we will run across something even more fun. The only thing we know for sure is that life will take us somewhere. It always does.

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