Sunday, October 05, 2008

Back to the Real World

We have been living the normal life for the last couple of months. Haven't really been doing much that seemed interesting, but I thought I better do a little update just to prove we are still here. We had a nice garden this year. About 70 quarts of tomatoes on the shelf. We got a bunch of onions, squash, and cabbages. This is the biggest one of the group.

I have been running off and on for the last year, mostly to lose weight. I haven't done much exercise this summer, but I haven't seen any problems with that either, just maintaining. A few weeks ago I got an idea about adding bike riding into my fitness plan. For once I didn't go out and buy something without trying though.
Mom brought me a mountain bike that someone had dumped in her woods. It needs a lot of work. Then one of the guys at work told me about a 10 speed he had in his shed that I could have if I wanted it. I took the bait and brought it home. The rims were a bit rusty, the seat post was stuck, the handlebar was off a bit, the color was fine, and besides all of that I decided to make some changes.
So, I took the wheels off and painted them a nice bright yellow.

Then I painted the frame black, put it all back together, put on new tires and tubes, rolled the handlebars back to a more comfortable place, raised the seat, played with the gears, and added a trip computer. Yes, I geeked out an old bike.

Now I need to find somewhere that I can ride comfortably. We have a lot of downhill around here. I don't really like downhill. It goes by really fast. Uphill is pretty slow, but not so scary. I am trying out different areas to ride. Some are better than others. I will keep looking.

Other than that we are doing normal things. Recently, Billy has started rebuilding the wood pile for the winter. There has also been a lot of fence upgrade building going on around the ridge.

Cows and pigs are doing their thing, the dogs are chasing each other, and in the end, not much happening. Thanks for checking back.

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