Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fresh Cherry Pie

My red angus cow Cherry had her third calf yesterday. I named this one Cherry Pie, which goes along with my naming scheme of #1 Chocolate Cherry and #2 Black Cherry. They have all been nice black angus calves.
I walked out with the guys when they went to feed the cows and check on the calf today. They use the four wheeler and a cart that Bill built to haul the hay on, in this case a couple of 4x3 round bales.

After they were finished putting the bales out they went to tend to the calf.
First step is to catch the calf, here Bill has caught Pie, but Cherry isn't too happy about it.

The next step is to move the calf and the cow over to the new born lot. Seperating them keeps the babies from getting trampled in the herd while they get their feet under them.
Here is Rob and Jake (he is the dog) pulling the trailer that holds Bill and Pie, while Cherry chases along behind them trying to catch her baby.

Once they got the calf and cow out of the main field they stopped in the corral to give him his number tag. Cherry kept a close eye on this process too. The rest of the cows were standing behind us watching too. They weren't much happier than she was about the action.

After the calf was tagged and given a shot they let the pair loose in the next field to spend a few days before they go in with the rest of the young calves. They can get pretty wild sometimes, flying across the field with the cows chasing after them, but here Pie is just getting his balance.

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