Monday, March 19, 2007

Angus Pictures

People have been asking for calf pictures and I have been promising to get them posted, so here you go, finally.

The cows were keeping a pretty close eye on me. At one point I was watching a calf and got on the ground to take a picture of it, turns out the calf's Mom was behind me. When I got smaller than she was by being on the ground she started running at me. I stood up pretty quickly and she turned, but that was a bit exciting for a second.

This little guy looks like he has some attitude. We call him Big Ears because his ears were swollen when the guys tried to give him his numbered tag, which you can see they were not able to complete. His ears must have come out in a bind when he was born. Of course that name might be why he has the attitidue.

This baby was taking a nap, but I managed to wake her up and then she wanted some dinner. The zoom on my camera let me get this close. There is no way I could get this close while the baby was eating otherwise.

Here the babys are taking a break after their Moms cleaned up a roll of hay.

Well that is all I have for calf pictures right now. There will be more though, my cow Cherry just had her calf today. I hope it is a bull calf they sell better at the market and I have student loans to pay off!!! Yes the grace period has ended.

More pictures coming up soon. We have Jake and Cherry's baby to show off.

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