Wednesday, May 31, 2017

2017 the Year of Change

New page on the restart of the blog. Most of the reason is so that I can keep track of what is happening in my weight loss adventure. This page won't be directly linked to anything, but if you are here you can check out the progress. 
We started low carbing it in February of 2017. Mostly, we cut out sugar, bread, pasta, potatoes, and liquid sugar.
I won't share FabHub's numbers any more than he is down at least 40 pounds since then.
January 2017
I started at about 
250 pounds
The only plan we had starting into this new lifestyle is to cut carbs.
We did that and have been successful. 
We didn't exercise on purpose at all.
I was working at Lowe's on Saturday and Sunday. That had me walking, climbing ladders, and carrying things for 8 hours a day. On Monday my legs would be swollen and sore. On Tuesday I would see clear weight loss.

31 May 2017
222 pounds
We haven't been tracking any type of macros or any of that. Through the reading I have been doing, that might be where we are erring. So, here goes.
42% fat - means I am 85 pounds of over fat? LOL If I get near 140 pounds I might be in the hospital. The calculator might be off, but I will let it ride, because I know I have plenty to get rid of anyway.
Here are my personal macros:
1696kcal Daily Calorie Intake
25g Carbs (6%, 100 kcal)
104g Protein (25%, 416 kcal)
131g Fat (69%, 1180 kcal)
I am using a tracker ( or another one) to keep up with this.
Exercise plans include:
Lots of painting on out buildings.
FabHub is baling hay = riding tractor and bouncing should be a core work out.