Saturday, November 03, 2012

Winter 2012 October - Saturday Update

It might be done, it might not. I will update if it changes.
Updates for every day this week.
Nothing dramatic to see here. Just melting snow.

3pm Monday
Just getting started.

8am Tuesday
Just blowing snow now.

3pm Tuesday
Sun has heated up the rock in the far yard 
and the guys have been running around feeding the cattle.

Wednesday 630pm
We have a driveway! 

Thursday 6pm
Things are melting, but still snow hanging off the unheated porch roof.
We don't have any gutter on the front, so at least we don't need to worry about it tearing off because the snow slides off so much better with the metal roof.
The back of the house and east side do have gutter. 
Might have to keep an eye on them.

Friday 530pm
And the snow is almost gone. 

The outside animals are doing well.
Poochy likes to lie in the snow. There is a dry spot to the side, but she is happy.
Slinky enjoys sitting up on the wood watching the dogs and looking for dinner.

This never happened before the metal roof.
Snow is sliding.
I guess that is what the "snow hook" things are good for.

Another new problem - put in a sidewalk, somebody has to shovel it.

3pm Monday
Not much to show for the storm.

8 am Tuesday
Overnight accumulation.

3 pm Tuesday
Sun has been out a little bit.

Wednesday 630pm
Snow is off the trees now.

Thursday 6pm
The ground is almost clear.

Friday 530pm
And we are clear.
The deck doesn't get much sun and will take a while.
That is all the updates. 
Waiting for the next storm.

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