Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Look what we found in the goat yard this evening!
Flower had a baby! 
It is a little girl and I named her Clover, because it is almost St. Patrick's Day.
We had hoped that Flower was pregnant when FabHub bought her.
She has been acting sort of ill lately and I was getting concerned.
I guess she had a reason.

Flower was hungry so I tried to feed her away from the other goats.
They came over to see what she had and Clover followed everybody.

In the evening we went out to tag her and put some iodine on her cord.
She hollered a bit and then got some dinner.
I am glad I got the ear tags stuff already.
Pink for the girls and blue for the boys.
That will make them much easier to sort out when we need to separate them.
As we were leaving Clover walked under the building to lie down and Flower crawled after her. 
I figure that is where most of the babies will go.
It is a small space with good visibility.
 That is our fun for Wednesday.
Clover wants to know - do you want to play?

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