Friday, May 27, 2011

Surprises Awaited Me

Look what showed up while I was gone! New farm equipment.
Meet Tulip and Violet. They are Nubian/Boer crosses according to the seller. 

That cross seems to be a bit heavy on the Nubian side, but they sure are pretty.
We got them to clean out the briers, multi-floral roses, and any other weed they choose to eat.

BIL has his own little goat herd. They are doing some good work on this hillside.

These Petunias also showed up. Already hanging and blooming, the pots were cleaned, planted, and looking beautiful!
It was very nice to see that project done for me.

In the backyard was another surprise.
Repairing/Reworking the fence around the yard is on the project list. 
This part behind the windmill has never been more than wire.
Now it has posts that just need planking.

This is the other side yard. No surprises, but I thought it was interesting how the land has developed.
The fence used to be higher up the hillside across the almost bare area.
Last winter FabHub cut out all the brush and moved the fence down the hill.
Now there are three different areas. 
The upper has been grazed for years. 
It has nice grass growing on it even after the cows were there.
The middle has only been grazed this spring. 
It doesn't have much on it once the cows grazed it down.
The lower hasn't been grazed at all. 
It is returning immediately to brush and weeds.
Time to get the weed eater out - a bit of fence and a couple of goats might save me some gas!

This mess showed up after the storms of this week. Just some rutted gravel.
Glad it is the only problem we had. 

That is all for now. Take care.

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