Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Flowers

FabHub wanted me to take pictures of the flowers since they looked so nice this year. It was so wet this spring and then hot this summer that some of my regular bloomers didn't do anything at all. So these fall flowers are kind of a surprise.
I started over by the garden and all of its beautiful marigolds.
My tomatoes and beans... well nothing did really good this year, but the garden provided us some nice fresh vegetables and kept me out of other trouble so it was worth planting.
Poochy even got in on the photo fun.
Click on the picture for a closer look at all those marigolds.
I like having marigolds in the garden. Whether or not they help with bugs is a good question, but I just like them. This year I got some plants and had some seeds. 
Obviously lots of seeds germinated and all on top of each other too. 
I planted a whole bunch of basil too. You can see it in the pictures above and below, it is the tall spikey looking stuff. That is what you get when you ignore it.Weedy looking stuff that smells good.
The marigolds and basil did help with weeds in nothing else. Nothing short could get any light to grow.
 The flowers FabHub really meant in his photo request are the mums in the background, but they didn't photograph very well and I wasn't really happy with the whole adventure.

And then...
... and then I found these little guys hiding in the flowers.
What a bunch of flirts. Very cute though don't you think?

The volunteer petunias are still hiding under the cart.

 And the mums do have a ton of color to share.

So it wasn't a bad idea at all.
 In the backyard the windmill waits for spring with a new crop of tulip bulbs under fresh dirt.
The dogs are supposed to be on mole and squirrel alert back there.
I can't keep tulips for more than a couple of years once those things smell them and manage to dig them out. 
I guess I could do something about it, but the dogs enjoy the game and don't get much enjoyment out of the flowers, so why not share the fun.
Well, that is it for now.
Come back for new adventures soon. We have holes to dig and fence to build.
Might even do a bit more in the home improvement department. 
You never know with us.
Take care!

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